Keyword Health, Incorporated
Company Philosophy - Enliven.

In Russian folklore, the Firebird (Zshar-ptitsa) is a miraculous bird.  Its feathers
shine like silver and gold, its eyes sparkle like crystals, and it is usually seated
atop a golden perch. 

At midnight, the Firebird comes to gardens and fields and illuminates the night
as brightly as a thousand lights.  Just one feather from its tail could light up a
dark room.

The Firebird eats golden apples which give any who eat them youth, beauty,
and immortality.  When the bird sings, pearls fall from its beak.  It is said that
the Firebird's chants can heal the sick and return vision to the blind.

Keyword Health, Incorporated embraces the legend of the magical Firebird.  

Like the Firebird, our products and services aim to inspire and enliven the
health conscious audience.
Keyword Health, Inc.