Company Mission - Empower.


‘Health’ is not just survival or freedom from disease; the definition of ‘health’ is
becoming moreso defined by an individual’s ability to perform daily activities,
underscored by themes of happiness, social and emotional well being, and
quality of life.

LEXCONX® (Life Extension Connection) Solutions, developed and distributed
by Keyword Health, Inc., modernizes the quantification and qualification of
health parameters aimed at optimizing health and wellness.

LEXCONX® supports the science of data collection:

1.  Subjective data acquisition features an interactive, response-dependent
health history and review of systems that inventories 40 body systems.

2.  Objective data acquisition includes collection of vital statistics, physical
exam findings, and specimen test results.  
Physical exam findings are reported using a simple checklist for each body
system.  In addition, you may also digitally annotate body sketches.
Laboratory test results may be manually recorded using the user interface.

LEXCONX® then enables the physician/practitioner to practice the art of
Assessment and Plan.
LEXCONX® Solutions